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Wattle Valley Gourmet Dips

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Wattle Valley Gourmet Dips - The true entertainer

The Wattle Valley Dip Range is known for its gourmet, wholesome and innovative range of gourmet dips. Made with a variety of fresh ingredients, the dips are perfect for entertaining or a delicious snack.

The Wattle Valley Gourmet Dip Range includes:

  • Wattle Valley Gourmet Dips – a quality range of some of Australia’s favourite dips.
  • Wattle Valley Crème Fraiche – a lightly cultured cream used in desserts, sauces and all sorts of savoury applications.
  • Wattle Valley Clotted Cream – a rich, thick cream made by heating 45% fat cream to a high temperature. Clotted Cream has a delicious, almost caramel-like flavour.
  • Wattle Valley Mascarpone – an Italian-style cream cheese made from fresh cream. Mascarpone is the main ingredient of Tiramisu.
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    Wattle Valley Gourmet Dips Range