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Empowering humanity to choose a world without poverty

Thank you is a social enterprise. We exist to help end global poverty in this lifetime by committing 100% of the profit from our consumer products to fund sustainable development work around the world.

To date (as of February 2018) we’ve funded:

  • $5,814,108 to projects
  • Safe water, toilets and hygiene training for 556,300 people
  • Safe births and health care for 94,477 mums and bugs
  • Long term and short term food aid for 134,791 people
  • Thank you (previously known as Thankyou Water) started in 2008 when our Managing Director and co-founder, Daniel Flynn, learned that at the time, over 900 million people did not have access to safe drinking water on a daily basis, yet the Australian bottled water industry was worth an estimated $600 million a year.
    With the aim of leveraging the profits of the Australian bottled water industry to help fund water projects for people in need, Thankyou Water was launched in August 2008.
    During time trading under Thankyou water for the first four and a half years of our history, we celebrated some big success that included being stocked in some major retailers as well as hundreds of other independent stockists nationwide.

    However, we knew that addressing water needs in developing communities was just the beginning of tackling the multi-faceted issue of global poverty.
    To begin developing a more holistic approach to poverty, in July 2013, Thankyou Water re-branded to Thankyou. We expanded our range to Thankyou food and Thankyou body care - in order to fund food security and hygiene and sanitation services respectively. Then, in 2016 we launched Thankyou baby to help get child and maternal health programs to families in need.

    To learn more about Thankyou, please visit us at thankou.co

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