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Pitango Organic Soups and Meals

Pitango Organic Soups and MealsPitango Picture

Innovative organic cuisine

Pitango are passionate about creating new, exciting, healthy, tasty meals for our loved ones.

Pitango are dedicated to helping achieve a sustainable lifestyle, by using organic and free-range products in a way that protects our environment and the natural resources we depend upon for our children's future.

The Pitango Range includes:

  • Pitango organic soups - Pitango's soups are made from the finest fresh organic vegetables. Pitango use premium ingredients such as organic olive oil, fresh herbs and organic dry goods imported from Europe. These quality ingredients are cooked by our professional & experienced chefs using our own innovative recipes. Pitango soups are cooked in small batches so we can obtain the quality & taste for each individual pack of soup.
  • Pitango meals - Pitango's range of convenience meals was created with a passion for bringing exciting and tasty meals with the ultimate ease in convenience. Risottos are a complete meal with rich, delicious flavours inspired by fresh organic ingredients. Simply heat risotto contents in the pouch and serve with fresh herbs and share with your family and friends.
  • For more information about Pitango Organic Soups and Meals products, please visit http://www.pitango.co.nz/

    Pitango Organic Soups and Meals Range