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Maille - Every meal deserves Maille

Founded in 1747, Maille is a French brand world famous for its Dijon mustard.

Synonymous with passion and gastronomy, the Maille range includes a variety of refined mustards, vinegars, marinades and sauces.

The Maille range includes:

  • Maille Dijon – 260 years of Mustard-making expertise stand behind the finesse and flavour of this outstanding traditional Maille Dijon recipe
  • Maille Wholegrain – Mustard characterised by its grainy texture. Perfect when added to sauces, marinades or alongside meats
  • Maille Wine Vinegars – “aged according to tradition...” is the secret behind the unique flavour of Maille’s wine vinegars
  • Maille Balsamic Vinegar – old wine and reduced white grape must (unfermented wine) are matured together to give this vinegar its refined yet distinctive flavour
  • For more information about Maille products, please visit http://www.maille.com. You can also visit the Maille Facebook page to stay in touch www.facebook.com/mailleaustralia

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