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Good Food For All Made Honestly With Love

Kez’s Kitchen is a proud family business that started in 1991 in Kez’s kitchen. Kez was baking chocolate chip cookies and word got around – they were delicious! Together with her mother Helen, Kez had a vision to build something special. In 1994 her brother Michael joined them, and they put their hearts and souls into developing delicious recipes. They have been baking to suit all of their family members for a very long time, so know what it means to be included and are passionate about making sure that everyone can be.

Although they quickly outgrew the family kitchen, to this day all recipes are still developed with a mother’s love by Helen in her own kitchen. Their team in the bakery work side by side just like at home, taking the time to do as much as possible by hand while, incredibly, making many millions of products every year!

The Kez’s Kitchen Retail Range Includes

  • Baked Florentines 185g
  • Baked Mini Mixed Moments 190g
  • Baked Mini Moments 190g
  • Baked Vienna Eclairs 190g
  • Baked Choc Coconut Lamington Bikkie Bites 150g
  • Baked Chocolate Chip Bikkie Bites 150g
  • Baked Salted Caramel & White Chocolate 150g
  • Baked Chocolate Chip Bikkie Bites 40g & 80g
  • Free Gluten Free Almond Florentines 180g
  • Free Gluten & Dairy Free Melting Moments 190g
  • Free Gluten & Dairy Free Mixed Moments 190g
  • Free Gluten Free Vienna Eclairs 190g
  • Free Gluten Free Cacao & Coconut Cereal 300g
  • Free Gluten Free Roasted Almond, Honey & Chia 300g
  • Free & Naked Gluten Free Banana Cake Bars 125g
  • Free & Naked Gluten Free Choc Mud Bars 125g
  • Free & Naked Gluten Free Lamington Bars 125g
  • Free & Naked Gluten Free Sticky Date Bars 125g

For full details on each product, visit the Kez’s Kitchen website  http://www.kezs.com.au

Kez's Kitchen Range