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The world's most loved Salmon

Peter and Frances Bender commenced salmon farming in 1988 in the beautiful waters surrounding their farming property at Hideaway Bay. What began as a diversification to the family cattle and sheep farming enterprises soon grew into a highly successful business that would dominate their commercial lives and the Huon region.

This area of southern Tasmania is renowned for its remote ruggedness. This is where water from the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area flows in the Huon River and meets the Southern Ocean in the D'Entrecasteaux Channel.

Huon's holding pens, the largest in the world, are moved regularly to fresh locations along the waterway to keep the salmon healthy and happy – a practice known as fallowing. Huon fish farms are located in this pristine marine environment – ensuring they stay clean and healthy – a key to the high quality of the Huon product. Strict control of feeding regimes, regular movement of enclosures and strategic fallowing of pen sites are among the many world’s best environmental management practices Huon follows to preserve and protect the aquatic marine environment, while rearing superior quality salmon.

To this day, Huon attributes the quality of its salmon to the philosophy of 'getting the basics right and attention to detail'. Focused solely on the goal of growing the best quality in the world, Huon set a high standard from the very beginning to ensure everything else would fall into place.

Family owned and operated, the Huon Aquaculture Group produces over 17,000 tonne of fresh salmon per year and is recognised globally as being the premium producer of fresh and smoked salmon products.

The Huon Range includes:

  • Huon Premium Smoked Salmon - The Huon Atlantic Salmon is slow smoked for up to 40 hours over red-gum logs. Sliced vertically - perfect for high quality meal presentation
  • Huon Classic Selection Smoked Salmon - Featuring Huon's unique wood-smoked flavour and aroma due to the traditional smoking method. Sliced vertically with a standard trim - ready to serve at a competitive price
  • Huon Premium Hot Smoked Salmon - Salmon fillets are dry salted and left to cure, then smoked with red-gum logs in kilns using traditional slow-smoking methods. The fillets are double-smoked which held retain the natural oils of the salmon. They are boneless and ready to serve
  • For more information about Huon's products visit http://www.huonaqua.com.au

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