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A family baking tradition since 1861

Hellema is a unique family business with more than 150 years experience in baking the best cookies and developing successful brands. In 1861 Andele Hellema started to bake cookies on the North Frisian countryside. This bakery has become the current Hellema-Hallum company. While many things have changed of course, the Hellema company is still owned by the family and old traditions are kept alive. Nowadays Hellema is still using high quality ingredients and is producing from trusted and tested recipes.

Old traditions continue with the innovation of the future: the latest manufacturing techniques and high quality assurance systems. Much attention is paid to research and product development. This results in unique products that fit the ever-changing consumer demand. In addition, our company employs people who often have been working many years for Hellema, feeling personally involved.

With Hellema's flexible company structure Hellema can respond quickly to questions from the international market. Therefore the cookies of Hellema are sold all over the world.

The new (fifth) generation Hellema rediscovers classic delicious biscuits and develops contemporary delicious cookies.

The Hellema Range includes:

  • Hellema Original Speculaas
  • Hellema SunBest Yogurt Fruit Biscuits
  • Hellema UFO Biscuits
  • Hellema Milky Biscuits
  • For more information about Hellema, please visit http://www.hellema.com

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