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All Goodness Superfoods products follow a simple nutritional philosophy – good nutrition helps your body from the inside out.

All Goodness Superfoods health food products are made from the best natural ingredients, and are highly nutritious, delicious and healthy. The range contains the super wholegrain BARLEYmax™ a non-genetically modified wholegrain that contains twice the dietary fibre of regular grains, has four times the amount of resistant starch, and has low GI.

Goodness Superfoods have a range of different products that will help you improve your health and get you on the way to achieving your health goals, whether you are trying to lose weight, reduce your cholesterol levels, help control your blood sugar levels, or boost your digestive health.

Digestive cereal:

Toasted barley flakes with Sultana and Apple. Using BARLEYmax™ a natural wholegrain that is superior in fibre and protein, combined with specialty selected pure natural ingredients to provide optimal nutrition.

Protein cereal:

Toasted barley flakes with Soy and Amaranth. When combined with a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise, protein helps maintain muscle and bone strength. It can also promote satiety which in turn can contribute to optimal weight management.

Heart cereal:

Toasted barley flakes with Cranberries, Almonds and Cinnamon. Goodness Superfoods Heart cereal contains beta-glucans, a type of soluble fibre which helps lower cholesterol re-absorption.

Traditional Barley + Oats:

Traditional BARLEYmax™ plus rolled oats porridge. Traditional oats coupled with BARLEYmax™ for digestive health and lowering cholesterol re-absorption.

Quick Barley + Oats:

Quick BARLEYmax™ plus rolled oats porridge. Same goodness as in the traditional variety but super quick to prepare.

Barley Clusters:

better for U! Barley Clusters with Cashews, Macadamias and Cranberries. Made with BARLEYmax™ which is fibre rich and helps keep you balanced on the inside.

Barley Wraps:

Have better for U! Barley Wraps for lunch, dinner or as a snack in between! Yummy, healthy and versatile, this wrap is an excellent source of fibre and low GI.

better for U! Cereal Bars:

A convenient way to consume BARLEYmax™, high fibre and low GI and contain resistant starch for digestive health. Available in Cranberry & Nut, Wild Berries & Yoghurt, Cranberry & Vanilla and Apple & Honey flavours.

Roasted Wholegrain & Roasted Cracked Wholegrain Freekeh:

Freekeh is a delicious roasted grain from highly nutritious young green wheat. It’s as easy to prepare as rice of pasta. Moreover Freekeh is a good source of fibre, a source of protein and has a low GI.

For more information about Goodness Superfoods product ranges, please visit http://www.goodnesssuperfoods.com.au

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