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Authentic Indian Sauces, Pastes, Chutneys, Pickles & Pappadams

The Globe's brand has a long history of authenticity and has extended the range with a superb variety of authentic Indian cooking sauces, pastes and a range of condiments to compliment the traditional meals as well as Pappadams.


  • Making home cooked meals for the whole family
  • Having a delicious snack with our authentic Indian Pappadams
  • Entertaining family and friends
  • Introducing the next generation to the Globe's "Journey to Fine Food"
  • Home cooked meals:

  • Great for family bonding
  • Perfect for getting friends together
  • Understand what goes into your food
  • Educate and learn about a rich and traditional culture through the art of food
  • The Globe's Indian Condiments range includes:

  • Simmer Sauces: Tikka Masala, Jalfrezi, Butter Chicken, Rogan Josh & Korma
  • Pastes: Tikka, Vindaloo, Mild Curry, Hot Curry & Tandoori
  • Chutneys: Mango Pineapple, Sweet Mango & Hot Mango
  • Pickles: Mango & Chilli
  • Pappadams: Large Original
  • For more information about Globe's Indian Condiments, please contact us by using the Online Enquiry Form

    Globes Indian Condiments