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Frank's® RedHot®

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The perfect blend of flavour and heat

Frank's® RedHot® Cayenne Pepper Sauce is the perfect blend of flavour and heat to suit all meals, all ages and all occasions. The taste of Frank's® Red Hot® was created in Buffalo NY in 1964 and is now one of the world's most popular hot sauces!


  • In a sandwich
  • With chicken
  • With red meat
  • With eggs
  • In soup
  • As part of a salad dressing
  • … be creative, we’ve even tried it on Vanilla ice-cream!
  • The Frank’s® Red Hot® range includes:

  • Original – Cayenne Pepper Sauce - Mild
  • Xtra Hot – Cayenne Pepper Sauce - Hot
  • For more information about Frank's® RedHot® products, please visit http://www.franksredhot.com

    Frank's RedHot Range