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At Cobram Estate we’re all about celebrating life, family, friends, good food & good health

Established in 1996, Cobram Estate is the leading provider of olive oil in Australia, and a leader in Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO).

Today Cobram Estate is the Number One Selling and awarded Australian EVOO brand in the domestic retail market.

Cobram Estate employs more than 100 workers in its Boundary Bend and Boort groves, which grow more than fourteen varieties of olives and cover more than 6,500 hectares of pristine farmland in total. Annually, the estate produces over 9 million litres of premium EVOO (approximately fifty per cent of Australia's total crop).

The Cobram Estate Range includes:

  • "Light" Extra Virgin Olive Oil - combines specific olive varieties selected for their light flavours and delicate aromas. This subtle and versatile oil is the ideal cook’s companion for stir-frying, BBQs, baking, sautéing and roasting
  • "Classic" Extra Virgin Olive Oil - a medium style oil that displays a superb combination of fresh, grassy notes, green bananas and tomatoes, with a stunning finish exhibiting moderate bitterness, pungency, and a creamy aftertaste. A useful “all-rounder” perfect accompaniment for risotto, paella, salads, fried eggs, all meat dishes, pastas and for seasoning vegetables.
  • "Robust" Extra Virgin Olive Oil - demonstrates a cut green grass nose with a strong spicy aroma and complex fruity flavour. The palate is balanced with intense bitterness and medium pungency. Ideal for red meat cooking, drizzling over rocket salads or roast meat and vegetables. Or simply dipping with bread.
  • Lemon Twist Extra Virgin Olive Oil - a zingy infused oil that has a light lemon tang. The fresh lemon zest complements the ripe banana aroma of the Barnea variety. The aroma provides a citrus lift to BBQ marinades, chicken and fish. Perfect for drizzling over grilled fish or seafood pasta.
  • Garlic Crush Extra Virgin Olive Oil - a gently infused oil with a distinctive garlic aroma that carries through to the palate leaving a pleasant and delicate garlic aftertaste. Ideal for pasta sauces, homemade mayonnaise or basting roast meats.
  • Chilli Blast Extra Virgin Olive Oil - intense chilli infused aromatic oil has a spicy, peppery zing that makes it a delicious treat for those heat seekers. The palate is a basket of spices where green, black pepper and red chilli dominates. Ideal for complimenting curry pastes, pasta sauces, pizzas, marinades and Asian stir-fries.
  • For more information about Cobram Estate products, please visit http://www.cobramestate.com.au

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